Back to School T-shirts

Back to School T-shirts

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Child's Stage

Spoil your little one and celebrate their "Back to School" with this adorable personalized T-shirt. Each of our items comes in a beautiful gift box.
100% cotton.

How it works

1 Select the item you want to customize from our range of luxuriously finished children’s accessories.

2 Personalize your design by selecting the skin, hair and eye color that represents your child, as well as the details of their outfit. You can even add glasses if your child wears them.

3 Add the finishing touch by providing your child’s name, which we’ll include in our adorable cursive script.

Each item is made to order. Please note that production time is 10 business days. 

Your child. Your masterpiece.

In a world of mass production and uniformity, Petit Paradis Kids offers you the opportunity to celebrate the features that make your child who they are. Just like your child, each of the items we create is completely unique, thanks to your input in the customization of your design.

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