Meaningful Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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Custom Gifts Are Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts

Custom-made gifts are often the most meaningful. Creating something bespoke takes time and effort, often resulting in joyful, memory-making moments, and gifts that stand the test of time. Get her children's name engraved on jewelry, clothing, or a tote, for example, and you’re making something every mother will be delighted to wear. Many families also like to make keepsake books (also a fun craft activity to do with older children!), or put together video or photo collages. 

This is also why we created our new personalized family poster. With a unique and simple-to-use design platform, you can quickly and easily create a custom (and absolutely adorable) custom family portrait with as many family members as you’d like. It even comes in a thin birch frame, so Mom can display it as soon as she opens it (she’s going to want to!).

We’re committed to diversity, which is why we offer a wide variety of skin, hair, and eye color customizations, as well as the ability to have children with glasses. If you don’t see a customization you need for your family, just let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

We’re so sure mom will love her family portrait, it comes with a 100% LOVE IT guarantee. Your children will also be delighted to see themselves represented, too. If they’re old enough to keep the secret, let them help you customize it!

More Meaningful Gift Ideas

Breakfast in bed in the old standby for Mother’s Day, and if that’s what the mom in your life is really craving, go for it. That said, there are more options for a fun family meal for Mother’s Day.

For example, how about a family picnic? This is always family-friendly fare, and your children will be delighted to ‘hide’ a few homemade gifts in the picnic basket.

For a relaxing night at home, there's no better way  to spoil mom than with Etta and Billie's line of natural bath and body products, perfect for unwinding!

Some of the most meaningful gifts are the ones she can hold onto and treasure for years to come. We adore Designed By Stacey's personalized Alphabet Necklace that allows mom to carry her whole family next to her heart.

And some moms would love a simple day with the family, staying home, sipping tea, ordering in, and having a movie marathon together.

In other words, this is a lovely day to spend time together as a family, whatever that looks like for you. The gifts are important—especially when they’re really thoughtful and from the heart—but the real gift is the time and the memories. However you choose to celebrate, we hope that you have a lovely Mother’s Day. And if you have any questions about any of our personalized products, please reach out!

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