Ideas for personalized gifts | 7 best Christmas gifts for the child who has everything

Christmas time is fast approaching, which means that parents, aunties and grandmas everywhere are scouring catalogues and store shelves in search of the perfect gift. This magical time of the year is often thought of as a period of overindulgence and overspending - but it doesn't have to be this way. If you make a committed effort to make mindful and conscious choices throughout the holiday season, you can bring smiles to your children’s faces with meaningful and heartfelt customized gifts that show how much you love them. At Petit Paradis Kids, we believe that the answer to wasteful consumerism is to focus on personalized children’s gifts for Christmas that are not only made from sustainably-sourced materials but that will also continue to delight your child for months after the holidays. Stuck for ideas? Wondering what to buy a child who seems to have everything already? Get inspired with this list of our favorite ideas for personalized gifts for children between the ages of 1 month and 4 years old.

A charmingly illustrated bedtime story featuring your child as the main character

Make bedtime your child’s favourite time of the day with a beautiful customized bedtime book featuring their name and a cute look alike character. The perfect personalized kids’ gift, Wonderbly gives you the option to add your child’s name and see it magically appear on the cover of the book and in various points throughout the story. You also have the option of adding a personal dedication on the first page of the book, completely free of charge. This high quality custom-made book, which features soothing rhymes and adorable illustrations of lambs, bunnies and chicks, is the perfect addition to your bedtime ritual and a sure-fire way to usher your child into dreamland. 

Why we love it as a Christmas gift

Even kids with bookshelves full of books will treasure the Bedtime For You Book. The excitement of seeing a representation of themselves come to life on the page and hearing their name every time you read it will make their eyes sparkle with renewed joy!

2. "The Find Me!" Personalized Seek-and-Find Book from I See Me!  

An engaging seek-and-find book that lets children search for themselves on every page

Your child will love searching their favorite objects and features to see how it all fits together in this high quality personalized storybook. With its rhyming text and photos of your child, their name and address, this book truly captures the essence of the seek-and-find fun. The seek-and-find puzzle book is an exciting way for children to learn about the world while stimulating their natural curiosity. As your child discovers their hidden lookalikes on every page, they will improve their attention and observation skills as well as their vocabulary. Whether they search on their own or with your assistance, this book is a wonderful way to engage your child in hours of screen-free quiet play!

Why it’s one of our favorite ideas for personalized gifts

The Find Me! Personalized Seek-and-Find Book requires no batteries to operate, is easy to transport and encourages quiet, focused play. Need we say more? Even the allure of electronic beeps and flashing lights will fade into the background as children eagerly search for themselves on each page. 

3. A Play Kit Subscription from Lovevery 

Stimulate your child’s growing brain with a developmentally appropriate learning toy for toddlers 

For developmentally-appropriate play kits that deliver new and exciting goodies to your doorstep every month, look no further than Lovevery. Simply subscribe, supply your child’s birth date and receive a new kit of high quality plastic-free toys to explore together every month. Suitable for children between the ages of 1 month and 3 years, these kits feature toys that have been hand-picked to match your child’s developmental milestones at every age. Each kit comes with an instruction guide for parents, offering guidance, tips and games that you can play to stimulate your child’s growing brain. Spending playtime together has never been this fun with baby developmental toys that are perfectly suited to their specific age!

Why it’s one of our top Christmas 2021 gift ideas

Why give one gift when you can give twelve? Teach children the value of delayed gratification and take some of the overstimulation out of Christmas day with a surprise gift that gets delivered to your door every month for a year. Your child will soon be watching the calendar with glee!

4. A custom-made stuffed creation from Budsies 

Transform your child’s artwork into a stuffed toy they’ll treasure for years

Watch your child’s eyes light up when they see their favorite drawing transformed into a soft and huggable plush doll! The Budsies team are experts at capturing the nuances of your child’s drawing and translating these into a huggable 3D friend that is ready to play and go on all sorts of adventures. Each doll is handmade with care and available in two sizes - either 16” or 30”. There’s no better way to celebrate your child’s artistic prowess than bringing their artwork to life in three soft and plushy dimensions. Each Budsies creation is one of a kind and made with love - just like your child!

Why it’s a top pick as a personalized kids’ gift

For the child who is drowning in stuffed toys, a custom doll from Budsies will claim a special place in their heart. Since the doll is inspired by their drawing, they’ll feel like they participated in the creation process.

5. A memory bear from The Patchwork Bear 

Preserve memories of your child’s sweet baby days by transforming their prettiest baby clothes into personalized teddy bears

Ask any parent and they’ll tell you - the hardest part of having a baby is watching them grow up in the blink of an eye. If you ever found yourself wishing that you could freeze time and preserve your baby just the way they are in that moment, then a custom made memory bear from The Patchwork Bear is the perfect gift for your child (and for you!). Simply submit 6-12 pieces of baby clothes to the talented creators at The Patchwork Bear and receive a 14” tall custom teddy bear heirloom in return. Each bear is stitched together from patches of your baby’s special clothes, making it the ideal companion for your child and the perfect memento of their sweet baby days. 

Why we think it’s perfect for this year’s holiday haul

Finally, something to do with those cupboards full of baby clothes you can’t bear to part with! Save your baby’s favourite outfits from the moths and avoid unnecessary waste by transforming them into a special bear that will serve as a constant reminder of your love.

6. A Montessori Wooden Name Puzzle from Busy Puzzle 

Help your child to learn the letters in their name while having fun with these colourful kids puzzles

Who’s ready to make learning fun? The talented folks at Busy Puzzle are! Celebrate your child’s beautiful name with a custom made Montessori-style Wooden Name Puzzle in durable, sustainably-sourced wood. Choose to further customize your puzzle creation by selecting from a variety of color schemes and adding a stand or pegs. You can also add additional elements like pieces shapes like vehicles or animals, or make your puzzle extra special by having a personal message engraved on the back. 

Why we love these puzzles with children’s names

Learning to spell their name is an essential skill for all children, and there’s no better way to get children enthusiastic about this process than with these beautifully crafted, colourful puzzles. The perfect quiet-time gift that is sure to entertain your child for hours on end!

7. Personalized Santa bags from Petit Paradis Kids 

Give a gift that is as beautiful and unique as your child is

Inspired by diversity and the idea that every child is beautiful, Petit Paradis Kids is a brand on a mission to deliver personalized children’s gifts that are sure to make your child feel special. Leveraging an intuitive and collaborative design process, our brand allows parents to create customized characters that resemble their children before printing these characters on a variety of bags, accompanied by the child’s name in an adorable cursive script. A particularly popular option when considering children’s gifts for Christmas time is our personalized Christmas bag - a spacious canvas bag featuring an adorable customized illustration of your child wearing a Santa hat, with matching text wishing them a merry Christmas or marking the bag as their bag of presents. A perfectly practical present to put under the tree, this sweet bag doubles up as clever storage for your child’s other Christmas presents! Speaking of personalized gifts, Petit Paradis Kids also produces a customized “first Christmas” onesie that is sure to add the perfect finishing touch to your child’s adorable Christmas outfit. This ultra-soft cotton onesie features a customized design of your child with their name in cursive script and is guaranteed to add a super cute touch to all those family Christmas photos. If you’re looking for a cute alternative to your traditional family Christmas card, then Petit Paradis Kids has just the solution for you. Using our unique design platform, you can create a custom family portrait featuring as many family members as you’d like to include, each represented by a completely customizable character in the signature Petit Paradis Kids style. Frame this personal creation above the mantelpiece or gift it to grandparents - the choice is yours!

Great news! Petit Paradis Kids is offering all three of the personalized items we mentioned above in one easy-to-order Holiday Collection. Make this Christmas one to remember with this convenient gifting option. 

This Christmas, remember to give consciously

As a quick reference, here are our top ideas for personalized gifts this Christmas:

  • Wonderbly’s illustrated bedtime book for featuring your child
  • I See Me!’s personalized seek-and-find book with your child on every page
  • Lovevery’s play kit subscription for your child’s developmental wellbeing
  • Budsies unique stuffed toy, custom-made from your child’s artwork
  • The Patchwork Bear’s memory bear made out of your child’s baby clothes
  • Busy Puzzle’s colorful wooden name puzzle
  • Petit Paradis Kids personalized Christmas gift bag,  a first Christmas onesie and custom family portrait No other time of the year is marked with as much impulsive spending and waste as the holidays. While conscious parents may already be aware of the impact of fast fashion and the children’s clothing industry in particular on our planet, not many of us have stopped to consider the amount of waste produced by cheaply manufactured plastic children’s toys - the kind that get bought up in droves as stocking stuffers just before Christmas day. Less than a month after Christmas, the majority of these toys will either be broken, lost or discarded as the same children who so dearly wanted them move on to new interests - relegating tonnes of brightly coloured plastic to our landfills and oceans every year.

Keep this in mind as we approach the festive season and choose to spend your dollars with consideration and care. A personalized gift from the heart not only supports small businesses but also shows that you care about preserving our precious planet. Isn’t that the greatest Christmas gift of all?

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