How to Incorporate Diversity into Your Child’s Play

At Petit Paradis Kids, we offer customizable children’s accessories to reflect just how important diversity is to us… and to families around the world! It’s more important than ever to talk to your children about the importance of kindness and inclusion because by doing so, you’re helping to develop their perception of the world.
Encouragement of diverse representation starts at home. Read on to find out more about how we encourage and celebrate diversity with our accessories for children.

Start Young 

It’s never too early to incorporate diversity into your child’s playtime. When we were kids, diversity was the farthest thing from the minds of most toy-making companies. Anywhere toys were sold, there were rows of blonde dolls that were all exactly the same or looked similar to each other, with very few different options. Fortunately, it’s not like that now. The looks and designs of dolls have expanded to represent children of different ethnicities and walks of life.

The concept of diversity takes various forms and is incorporated into many aspects of our life. Religion, gender, culture, family structures, and physical abilities all contribute to our makeup of differences. Teach your children about diversity, inclusion, kindness and acceptance early, and they will be able to recognize and challenge the monsters of bigotry and prejudice, and be a confident ally as they grow up. 
Not only is this family portrait beautiful, it’s also incredibly easy to make. Using our unique and user-friendly platform, you can quickly create a custom portrait of your entire family. Each family member can be completely customized, right down to their glasses, outfit and hairstyle (and if there’s a special customization you need that’s not currently offered, please reach out to see if we can still help).

Keep Your Toy Box Varied

When adding toys to your children’s toy box, utilize a variety of toys. To keep your child stimulated and eager to learn, include dolls, books, sketchbooks, videos and clothes. This wide selection of items will keep your child entertained and open up pathways to conversation about diversity.

At Petit Paradis, we love dolls made by both Kinfolk and Hazel Village. Hazel Village works with social enterprises around the globe to fairly make their products while making sure that artisans have dignified work and fair wages.

We also have T-shirts that are specially made and personalized by your child’s skin, hair, eye colour, and outfit details, with the option of adding glasses if your child wears them. 

Remember to Keep Learning Fun 

The best way for your children to learn about diversity, acceptance, and inclusion for everyone is to ask questions. Encourage them to take part in discussions and ask questions about diversity.

Our children look to us to be their guides while they navigate a world that tries everyday to tell them who they are and make them into something they’re not. If we choose to allow our children to be taught bigotry and prejudice instead of the importance of kindness, inclusivity and acceptance, we do them a disservice.

We can be creative in how we learn different things, no matter what our age. Give your children the freedom to discover what makes them happy.

Start Incorporating Diversity into Your Child’s Playtime Today

Petit Paradis Kids is proud to be an ambassador and a voice for inclusivity, kindness, acceptance, and diversity.

To learn more about our products and our mission, visit us here.

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